we'll take care of your site

We design, build, host and maintain your site, so you can concentrate on communicating with your clients, community members or readers. Using nimbly we can quickly turn any design into a beautiful, fast, and secure site, publication or platform.

basic: cms

Create, edit and publish content online efficiently. For you as a publisher, there's really not much more to it. We make sure you have exactly the tools you need to maintain your site and keep your content up to date.

module: blog

The blog module is a simple but powerful blogging tool which lets you write and publish your blog posts with ease. Use it as a personal blog, a company blog or as a base for a professional publication.

module: portfolio

The portfolio module allows you to easily showcase your work, projects or art through a user-friendly interface. Use images, video and text to inform your customers or fans.

module: community

Create your own community with this module; a user friendly community forum which lets you communicate, share thoughts and media, through a clean interface which is optimized for healthy discussions and debate.

nimbly site: Outerspace Landscape Architecture

Outerspace Landscape Architecture

interested in a demo?

We would love to show you more through an in person demo of nimbly. Please don't hesitate to call or email us if you think nimbly might be an option for your future website.

nimbly site: Brainport Development Dashboard

Brainport Development Dashboard

nimble, yet feature complete

nimbly provides a complete solution for your online platform. From a basic website or blog to a fully fledged portfolio, publication or community, nimbly is able to handle it all. 

nimbly site: Verhoeven de Ruijter

Verhoeven de Ruijter

partner with nimbly

We partner with designers whose work we turn into nimbly sites. Are you a designer looking for a better site builder? Give us a call to see how we could help each other.

nimbly site: Aerospace Archive

Aerospace Archive


nimbly is developed by Volst in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

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dhe haivanyoussef sarhan,

sgcreativedaniel korpai

nimbly site: The Human Story

The Human Story